RGW Glock 19 Slide Package

Our Glock Slide is available for the Glock 19 Gen 3 & 4 models along with the 19X. Our slides are precision machined and finished for a high quality addition to your Glock 19 build or as a replacement slide for your current set up. You may also choose to send in your OEM slide to have our slide package applied. If you're sending in your slide, please promptly ship your slide to us upon placing your order. Please do not strip your slide, just remove the barrel and guide rod. We will reinstall your internals and sights. 


Our Slide Package comes cut for an RMR/SRO/Holosun (includes RMR plate) and includes your choice of single color cerakote along with free shipping. Multicam is available for an additional $85.


Additionally, you have the option to add sights, barrel, and slide completion kit (**Slide completion kits DO NOT include a guide rod**) to your slide that we will install for free. We aslo offer optics, and all of these add ons can be purchased by visiting our Products Page

RGW Glock 19 Slide Package

Select Slide Gen
Add Slide Completion Kit
MC Cerakote Upgrade



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