RGW AR Grip Mod
RGW AR Grip Mod includes recessed borders and stippling of the grip. This provides more traction to the surface of the grip. Additionally you have the choice to add a grip to the package (when in stock), otherwise you can mail in your existing grip to be modified. 

Pictured is a Magpul K2 grip that has been modified with this package. This package can be applied to other grips as well, except for standard A2 grips or the Magpul MIAD. 

Please contact us if you have a grip other than Magpul, BCM, or other popular grip prior to placing your order to ensure this package can be applied. 

This service is not subject to our queue system, so once you place your order, please ship your grip to the address listed on the site along with a copy of your invoice for service. 

Lead time once received is 1-2 weeks.

RGW AR Grip Mod

Add AR Grip



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